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Andres Hinojosa | Head Chef/Owner | Dinner with a Chef

Andres Hinojosa


I became a “Chef” because I love what food and dining are all about. It was my grandma “Ya-Ya” who showed me so much love through food. The way a pot of her soup made me feel when I didn’t feel so good. Or the nostalgia of her freshly baked bread in the morning, reminding me how good life is. In those moments my memories are crystal clear.

I found my way working through high end hotels in Chicago, San Francisco, and San Diego after finsihing culinary school. The Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, and Grand Del Mar Hotels allowed me to see the refined aspect of food and dining. Though I learned a lot about refinement in these establishments, I still felt a desire to translate that same emotion my grandmother gave me early on to people.

My true passion is the love of serving people in every aspect. I hope that I have the opportunity to serve you soon!

Daniel Furdui | Chef | Dinner with a Chef

Daniel Furdui


Daniel Furdui began his career in a Neapolitan restaurant located in Rome, Italy. Daniel’s specialties were Roman and southern-Italian dishes. He has also become a master at the art of pizza making and the use of wood-burning ovens.

Daniel’s love of cooking and passion for being a “pizzaiolo” followed him all the way to the United States in 2013. He has helped launch a new restaurant in Wisconsin where he was the Executive Chef and Head Pizzaiolo. He has also gained experience with Latin and Modern American cuisines, and has had the privilege to work under the great Chef Jason White in Chicago. Chef Daniel over time has developed a rustic and traditional style of cooking, enhanced by innovative flair. His style is best described as Artisanal.

Chef Daniel shares the same passion that is at the Core of Dinner with a Chef. He truly has a desire to serve you with everything he has!

Tony Venegas | Maitre D' | Dinner with a Chef

Tony Venegas


Tony has a true talent and ability to make you feel like a King! His desire to please you in whatever you can dream up, is nothing short of impressive to say the least.

His experience is equally impressive, having worked with only the finest and most luxurious hotels and resorts. The list includes Four Seasons, Park Hyatt, and The Grand Del Mar Hotels. In these positions, Tony has been in charge of the head tables at some of the most elegant events. Clients are always marveled by the dedication and professionalism that he brings in such a warm family oriented way.

Tony can not wait to have the opportunity to serve you, and make you feel like the rock star!